Old maps are both decorative and beautiful. My objective was to combine current data with traditional map making styles to produce wine maps that are accurate and up to date, yet have many of the decorative attributes of maps produced in the the golden ages of Cartography

Each map starts with an ink outline rendering. This is a slow and challenging process as ink pens and brushes don't have"back buttons" my maps can take months to complete. I then add in features in old cartographic styles, topography, and social features. I use Kuretake Japanese watercolours to give vibrant colours to regions and map features. I believe in using specific colours to reflect the character of a region, this makes each map a unique art piece. The data I gather is from local regulatory organisations such as INAO or Assovini. No clip art, icons or short cuts are taken. Finally tech comes in and after a hi-res image is made I then add in the text. I print on an archival quality paper 250-300gsm


Firstly a wine enthusiast, then an award winning Wine Diploma holder, a former lecturer of The Wine and Spirit Education Trust and 2 decades spent in the wine business. I am now a professional mapmaker, producing social history maps, tourist trail maps, town, resort and of course wine maps.

Those familiar with the signs of the zodiac might say that as a Virgo I am blessed with few redeeming characteristics.However pernickety perfectionism, while not always the most endearing of traits in company, is definitely a benefit in my work as a cartographer. I also have a sense of humour that still, regularly gets me into trouble!